Hey. This is me.

I’m Christian, a German expat now living in Brussels, Belgium.

How best to describe me? I really don’t like to describe myself. Who I am? How should I know? I’m in the process of figuring that out. I’m 43 now, maybe half way through, so I got some 40 years to find the answer, hopefully.

But well, I tried to assemble it all in this website, my work, my hobbies, my passions.

I love to travel. Not a single month passes without me being on some kind of trip, from a day-trip to Paris to see some concert, and heading back with the first train in the morning, to weekend trips or holidays, to sabbaticals that take me around the world.

Travelling for such a long time has had a profound impact on how I see the world.

I like to do things slow. I don’t want to check sights off a list. I rather spend a day in a park reading than running around, I like to meet new people across the globe, and stay in touch to meet them again for a drink when I’m back.

I like to live light – I stopped the usual weekend shopping sprees and reduce the things I own to the essentials, sold my furniture, donated the heaps of clothes I had, moved to a smaller apartment.

I haven’t won the lottery, if you wonder, so I have a daytime job to finance all the travelling:

I work for the European Union in Brussels, currently dealing with our relations with civil society organisations, NGO’s and citizens.

Before that I worked in press and communications, and as an editor for the EU website.

Besides that, and the travelling does provide ample opportunity for it, I’m a passionate amateur photographer. The site is not online yet, but soon you’ll find here a website with all my different photo projects.

On top of that, I love going to the movies, having a drink with friend on the weekend, sitting in a CafĂ© with my newspaper (I’m kind of a news junkie) or a book.

As for the little sports I do, you’ll rather find me on a bike or swimming (but not as often as I should…)

If I would have to tag myself, my tag cloud would probably read:

Europe; travel; photography; cinema; Madonna; concerts; German; vegetarian; music; reading; walking; city trips; aviation; record stores; gay; cooking; California; wine; friends; San Francisco; maps; astronomy; Star Trek; politics; Mad men; Meryl Streep; books; Almodovar, newspapers; beer; plane spotting; vinyl; book stores; swimming; science fiction…